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1 28, International Symposium on "the 40th anniversary of the normalization of diplomatic relations Retrospect and Prospects" was held in the CASS. Our reporter Zhang Leishe

Editor's note

"blood compatibility of the deepest cultural exchanges between the largest in history, on each modernization,Chanel iphone 5s cases, modernization of the road played a major role in the two countries, but in modern times the most intense friction, most lack of trust between each other, eyes of between clouds with suspicion, in the history of mankind seems like this can not find the other two countries. "National President of the Japan Economic Association held in Lorraine Wang January 28" in the normalization of diplomatic relations 40 years Review and Prospects " references to the International Symposium on the words of one writer to describe the Sino-Japanese relationship.

2012 years of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Japan to commemorate the 40th anniversary year, this should be an opportunity for further development of bilateral relations, because of Japan's unilateral "Share island nationalization" led to exchanges between China and Japan to a standstill . Experts and scholars attended the seminar calmly combed through road between China and Japan, to analyze what can bring greater benefits to each country, and stood on the overall height prospect of normal relations between China and Japan's future direction. This edition will be the core content of the speech experts compiled here, for readers, think.

Feng Zhaokui - tortured history of China is a friendly fundamentally strong

Chinese Academy of Sciences honors, the National Society of Japan's economic advisor Feng Zhaokui issued a "grim situation of Sino-Japanese relations history of torture" speech. He said that Asia is the home of Japanese civilization, in the long view of history that Japan should face deep between fate and Asian benefactor. However, the Japanese as a narrow, multi-disaster island, has a strong sense of living space expansion. Two military contest occurred in the Tang Dynasty and the Ming Dynasty, in the day, both in Japan failed. These two wars shows a strong China. Meanwhile, the economic data also show that from the year 1 to 1820, China's GDP in international dollars calculated 10 times more than Japan, explained the history of this time period in the history of weak and strong day. During this period of profound lesson is left to the people of China, the only advanced enough to enable Japan to follow, only the powerful, but also enough to make Japan a vassal. Only both advanced and powerful, so both convinced they admit defeat Japan, Sino-Japanese relations to peace, friendship.

second half of the 19th century, China has become the victim of Western powers, poverty and backwardness in the world will undoubtedly expose. Japan on China's respect and expectations vanished. For follow advanced, powerful vassal nation mettle, Japan resolutely turned the bow defected to Europe, implemented from Asia for Europe. Meiji Restoration in 1868 as a turning point in Japan through emulate Europe, embarked on the road to industrialization, increasing national strength. Yet Japan but to follow the Western powers colonialist policies, coupled with its traditional Bushido, militarism impact 1895 Sino-Japanese relations have entered a strong day in the weak period. Subsequently, in 1905 the Russo-Japanese War and the beginning of a comprehensive war against China in 1937, the Japanese ungrateful, cruel invaders with his hometown brutally ravaged their civilization.

1945 Japan's defeat in 1949 was born in China and Japan new Chinese bid farewell to a strong and weak relations history, began to move toward the strong type Sino-Japanese relations in 2000 has never had before. After the war, China and Japan to a powerful speed are very different. 1968 Japan became the Western world's second largest economy, China GDP 1950 年 international element calculation of Japan's 1.5 times. However, by 1973,burberry iPhone 5s Cases, Japan's GDP is equivalent to 1.7 times China's per capita GDP equivalent to China's 13.6 times.

a long way to improve the quality of China's economy

Japan's postwar miracle of economic growth has become one of the important factors affecting the implementation of China's reform and opening up, Deng Xiaoping's visit to Japan in 1978, called learning from Japan's experience, saying that modern Japan is China's teacher. After China adopted the reform and opening up, China and Japan develop speed gradually reversed. 1979 China's GDP was sixth in Japan,Louis Vuitton iphone 5 cases, in 2005 to reach 50% in Japan, in 2010 surpassed Japan to become the second largest economy in the world, but one of that year's GDP per capita in China is still only in Japan. Feng Zhaokui analysis that, in the future, the status of Japan's economic power will remain for a longer period, especially after World War II, the Japanese economy has not only made to expand the amount of GDP, but also to achieve a qualitative improvement. Is a fast and good national economic modernization of both quantity and quality. China Modernization Report 2010 published by the Chinese Academy of Sciences pointed out that in 2007 the level of modernization of China's comprehensive eighteen ranked seventh in the world, Japan is second. Feng Zhaokui said that although China's GDP surpassed Japan, but the expansion and qualitative improvement amount is also uneven. Recently a wide range of frequent fog and haze warn us, how to develop the quality of China's economy, long way to go.

Feng Zhaokui said that China is still developing, and the United States are far apart. Follow advanced from Japan, a vassal powerful foreign civilization with a strong digestion national mettle of view, is bound to continue to follow the United States. As for China's development, the Japanese through the media, to see more of China's problems in the development process. Today, Japan to China can use three psychological "sense" to summarize: a sense of loss (GDP behind China), superiority (China or developing countries), fear (China's military rise), three being together become Japan to China, "in the sense of suspicion."

The Future of Sino-Japanese relations

strength between China and Japan are the basic parameters that affect the development of Sino-Japanese relations change. Feng Zhaokui expected future trend of Sino-Japanese relations are likely to come in weak and strong Japanese state again. But at least for now, or for a longer period of time, the day remains strong type relationship. In this context, the two sides may take two policies: first, the two sides have taken a rational, steady type of policies to achieve mutually beneficial and win-win good situation. Second, both sides have taken a tough policy irrational, and even emotional about policy, the result would be loss of the two mutually lose-lose, or even arms race and military confrontation. Harvard University, a professor had predicted that in the long term, Japan may finally have to move closer to China. Feng Zhaokui pointed out that Japan following the United States from the current shift closer to China's long-term process, whether they would like on the ancient history of China before as after the running of the war convinced that this will be the future of Sino-Japanese relations is a core issue. China is currently doing a good job should be done their own thing, to achieve the goal of modernization and building the country.

Diaoyu Islands dispute is a conspiracy Ishihara's

on the Diaoyu Islands dispute, Feng Zhaokui also analyzed Ishihara's "conspiracy theory." He said that in view of Japan's past wars adept at using tricks, so many Chinese and Japanese often use the "conspiracy theory" to look at some of Japan's foreign relations practices. For example, the Diaoyu Islands dispute, a lot of people think that type of nationalist Shintaro Ishihara looking for hostile arena conspiracy. Feng Zhaokui think Ishihara rack their brains to design this conspiracy is the Diaoyu Islands to the "Japan-US Security Treaty," the designated area called the Japan-US defense to challenge China, China of course will take action to deal with the Japanese rights challenge, the Japanese invasion of China can be an excuse to achieve re- armed. The Sino-Japanese dispute over the Diaoyu Islands, once losing control, the Allies agreed will be based on the involvement of the United States came in, causing the Sino-US war, leading to the Sino-US suffer, while Japan can get rid of heavy Wenjun Guo American dream. The United States into the war, took the opportunity to revive the "Great Japanese Empire" is a dream Shintaro Ishihara.